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How to keep your moccasins looking good

Maintenance is conservation. Do you have beautiful Moccasins, but not yet the right maintenance products? Then go to our webshop. There you will find our complete collection of maintenance products, including the special suede spray and the suede brush. If you use them regularly, your moccasins will stay in top condition.

Mocassin onderhoud met een suedeborstel


If you have a pair of beautiful Moccasins, of course you want to keep them beautiful. But how do you keep your Moccasins like new? We've listed a few tips to make sure your loafers stay young forever.

Tip 1: protect your moccasins with a suede spray

Suede is slightly more fragile than leather. Therefore it is best to provide the loafers with a protective layer. You can do that with a special suede spray. Our advice is to spray your moccasins with this every two weeks. Apply the layers according to the instructions on the spray can. Do not put the sprayed loafers on until they are dry. Regular spraying prevents stains and discoloration.

Tip 2: Clean your loafers regularly with a suede brush

If the suede has become dirty, wait to clean the shoes until they are dry. After that it is best to clean the loafers with a special suede brush. This has a steel brush on one side and a rubber brush on the other. Using the metal bristles, gently brush over your Moccasins in one direction. Clean your shoes with a gentle hand to avoid damaging the suede. Brushing will loosen the suede hairs and make them stand up nicely again.

Tip 3: Remove water stains with... yes... water

You look ugly when there are water stains or water rings on your Moccasins. Because that's really not a look. The great thing is that you can also make those water stains or circles disappear again with water. With the metal bristles of the suede brush, apply some water to the entire Moccasin. Gently rub out the water. Then dab off the excess water with a dry cloth and pat the shoe as dry as possible. The result: no more water stain or water ring to be seen.

Tip 4: Keep your loafers in top shape

Have you been caught in a heavy rain with your moccasins? Or did you use a lot of water to clean them? Then let them dry with unprinted paper and shoe trees in them. Don't put your Moccasins near the heater and just let them air dry in a well-ventilated area. This will keep them in top shape.

Tip 5: Brush your shoes after use

Once your moccasins are dry, you can treat them again with the suede brush. This will make the suede hairs of your Moccasins stand up again and also restore the color of your suede shoes.

Tip 6: use the suede spray as finishing touch

Protect your Moccasins after the treatment with the suede spray. This ensures that your beautiful loafers remain beautiful.