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Think of an excuse to wear moccasins and look for the sun

Moccasins are wonderful summer shoes. But yes, summer has shown its worst side this year. Spring wasn't so good either. Actually, there were too few Moccasin days in the year. Fortunately, we Dutch are creative enough to increase the number of Moccasin days. By booking a vacation in the sunny south. Some even go a step further and spend the winter in southern France, Spain, Portugal or Italy.

Moccasins give you the ultimate leisure feeling

The summer shoes give you a maximum feeling of freedom. You get in and out of them in no time. You don't have to get tangled up over your laces. Because they are not in there. They are nice and light to wear. The loafers offer you a lot of comfort. The outside is made of suede, the inside of leather. The non-slip rubber sole is easy to maintain and provides extra grip and flexibility.

Insta shoes to be seen with

Moccasins are not only comfortable and walk well. They also look good. The last on which they are based ensures a perfect fit. In addition, the suede version gives the loafers a beautiful look. The handmade loafers are stylish and casual at the same time. Moccasino has Moccasins for men in 18 different colors: yellow, cobalt blue, Como blue, navy, gray, dark brown, tobacco brown, beige, red and black and so on. So it must be really crazy if your color is not among them. Can you already see yourself walking along a boulevard on the French Riviera or sitting on a terrace on the Spanish Costa? Do you see yourself shopping in Milan or visiting a market in Lisbon?

You can wear anything with them

The easy thing about loafers is that they can be worn with anything. The men's shoes are both chic and casual. Therefore, you can wear Moccasins just as well under a three-piece suit as under long summer pants or jeans. Even better: they also look great with shorts. You can wear them with or without socks. So you don't have to worry about what to wear with your moccasins during your vacation. Because everything goes with them. One less thing to worry about.

Celebrate color

Are you in the mood for red, yellow or blue? Or do shades like grey, beige, brown or black appeal more to you? You can order the men's driving shoes in the color that best suits you. So are you going to see the sun, but don't have moccasins yet? Or are you spending the winter in a warm place and is the only thing missing a pair of relaxed shoes? Then go to our webshop and order your favorite pair. Our average delivery time with PostNL is 1 to 5 business days. Are you abroad? No problem. We deliver your favorite moccasins there too. All countries where we deliver our moccasins can be found at the checkout.