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Driving shoes are my favorite

With these temperatures, the weather is getting itchy and we all want to ride in a convertible!

Moccasino Como & Ancona our favorite moccasins as driving shoes.

Did you know that the Moccasino Como and Ancona have a special sole that is perfect for prolonged time behind the wheel? The sole is flexible at the ball of the foot so that it takes no strength to press the accelerator pedal. The rubber dots on the heel prevent the loafer from shifting unexpectedly and provide a stable angle of the foot so that the accelerator and brake pedal are found instinctively.

Of course, the main thing is that you look confident and relaxed on our Moccasins, whether you’re in relaxed mode on the weekend or behind the wheel, that tight roadholding is a nice touch.

Would you like a pair of real moccasins for men? You can, If you order from on weekdays before 3pm they will be shipped the same day.